Where Is Jadey Jenkins? Search Continues for Missing Woman Whose Car Was Found Abandoned

York County Sheriff's Office
York County Sheriff's Office

All of Jenkins' belongings were found inside the car, and she hasn't been heard from since.

Nebraska authorities are still searching for a woman whose car was found abandoned earlier this month. On July 8, the York County Sheriff’s Office said they received a call about a car parked alongside Interstate 80 near York and when authorities arrived, they found the vehicle abandoned with belongings inside.

The belongings - a cell phone, wallet, credit cards and shoes - were those of 30-year-old Jadey Jenkins. The keys to the car were also inside the vehicle.

When police contacted Jenkins’ family, they said no one had seen her since that morning. She’d left Omaha around 9 a.m. and was traveling to either Colorado or California to visit family, authorities said relatives told them. 

Authorities also said that on Thursday they received a call from a farmer who saw someone walking near the exit where the abandoned vehicle was found, but when they called out to the person, they ran into a nearby cornfield.

Police said they have been searching the area to no avail. Airplanes, drones, K-9 units and infrared technology are being used in the search. Volunteers have also joined in to help.

”Her fiancé drove here to speak with us, and it’s been determined that no one has seen her since. And she has not been in contact with any of her friends or family,” York County Sheriff Paul Vrbka said. “We hope no foul play is involved. ... But as of this time, we just don’t have any answers, and we haven’t found any clues. We just don’t know what happened to her.”