Why Are Some Women Keeping Their Pregnancies a Secret During the Pandemic?

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Actresses Mindy Kaling and Amanda Seyfried are revealing a secret they succeeded in keeping private during the pandemic: they were pregnant. Celebrities aren’t the only ones who shocked friends and colleagues with pandemic babies.

Annabelle Evans was in the first trimester and not showing yet when the pandemic hit. Like so many Americans, Evans, a media buyer, started working from home on Long Island.

"All of my Zoom calls and phone calls were, urgency, things need to be done now, I'll call you in 15 minutes! There was never a chance to say, Oh and by the way, I'm pregnant," Evans told Inside Edition.

It was only after baby Scarlett was born that Evans made the big reveal. 

When book publisher Miral Sattar was pregnant with baby Elias, her coworkers didn't have a clue. She said it was just easier to keep it a secret.

"If you are catching up with someone on Zoom or if you catching up on FaceTime, they really can't see unless you do a full angle, and nobody ever does that," Sattar told INside Edition.

Inside Edition’s own Executive Director of Publicity, Irene Rogers, decided not to publicize her own pregnancy to anyone outside her intimate circle of family and friends.

All the new moms agreed on one thing: being pregnant during the pandemic was stressful, but the babies are making 2020 a lot better.


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