Why Scammer Targeted 'Baywatch' Stars and Dog the Bounty Hunter for Thousands

“There was an offer on the table for me to travel to Dubai,” Donna D’Errico told Inside Edition.

Former “Baywatch” stars Donna D'Errico and Krista Allen say they were targets of a celebrity scam that could have cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“There was an offer on the table for me to travel to Dubai,” D’Errico told Inside Edition. “They were going to pay me an appearance fee of $300,000.” 

Allen says she received the same offer.

“They said it was to talk about economic empowerment. And I’m like, that makes absolutely no sense,” she said. 

“On top of the $300,000 appearance fee, they were giving us a $10,000 wardrobe budget and we could bring two people and they could fly them first class,” D’Errico added. 

The women say they even received an extensive contract from someone impersonating the deputy prime minister of the United Arab Emirates. The women say they had their doubts but it seemed legit.

The scammer told the women they were having trouble wiring funds so they would deposit checks into women’s accounts. But before the checks cleared, they asked the women to each donate $150,000 to a fake charity. It turned out the checks were fraudulent and the women would have been out 300,000 dollars if they had fallen for the bait.

“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Taylor Armstrong was also targeted.

“They sent me a fake cashiers check,” she tweeted. “And asked me to come speak about domestic victims rights - my passion and my cause #sickpeople.”

Dog the Bounty Hunter was also targeted. He shared the fake check made out for $430,000 with Inside Edition.

Fortunately, none of them gave out any personal information, but the scammers are still out there.