Why This Woman Is Having Forehead Reduction Surgery

Beverly Hill Plastic Surgeon Michael K. Obeng performed the procedure for Jenna Bentley.

Something about this woman’s face has been bothering her for years — the size of her forehead.

Jenna Bentley wants more than an inch of her forehead to vanish, and has turned to Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Michael K. Obeng for help.

“I am so ready to have this done,” she told Inside Edition. “Everyone laughs at me because it’s not a common procedure.”

Obeng begins by drawing a line on Bentley’s forehead, showing her where her ideal hairline should be.

Bentley’s forehead length is four inches, and Obeng demonstrated with a tape measure that he plans to remove an inch and a half.

"I'm going to move this skin down," he explained while in the operating room. "I’m going to remove all of this strip first." 

To make the incision look more natural, Obeng uses a zig-zag cutting method.

The entire forehead reduction surgery takes about two hours, and it was another two weeks before Bentley could take her bandages off.

"It feels so weird but it’s a good weird," Bentley said of her new hairline. "I’m ecstatic. I’m so happy. I feel amazing, couldn’t be better."