Why You Should Never Leave a Lighter in Your Car on a Hot Day

In this summer heat, leaving certain items in your car can be hazardous.

In this blistering summer heat, leaving certain items in your car can be extremely hazardous.

Among those items, according to safety expert Lauren Fix: aerosol cans. Videos online show windshields left shattered by exploding cans.

"A can of hairspray left in a car can explode and can become a missile," Fix said. The same goes for cans of soda. 

Another hazard: lighters.

"People leave lighters in their car all the time but when the temperature is over 100 degrees they can expand and catch fire," she said. "Then you have a really bad problem.

"... Another thing you don't want to leave in your vehicle sunscreen," Fix added. "The high temperature inside the car may cause many of them to lose their effectiveness."

The same goes for prescription medications. "In temperatures above 77 degrees, they can lose their effectiveness and put you in a life-threatening situation," she said.

And you may think leaving wet towels and bathing suits to dry out in a hot car makes sense, but you'd be wrong. The heat will actually grow bacteria and mold.

For more hot car tips and what not to leave behind, watch the video above.