Why You Should Stay Off Your Phone at a Restaurant

Darron Cardosa, who spent 30 years as a server, shared his tips to getting better service at restaurants with Inside Edition.

One restaurant industry expert is sharing the secrets on how to make dining out a great experience. 

Darron Cardosa, who spent 30 years as a server, is the author of "The B****y Waiter” and he shared his tips of what to do in a restaurant. 

Rule No. 1? Drop that cell.

“Please just put your phones down when you see your server come up, it’s just polite, it’s friendly, do it,” Cardosa told Inside Edition.

Another thing to not do is to show off by telling the waiter you're a big tipper.

“Don’t flash your big wad of money, don’t tell us you’re always a good tipper, put your money where your mouth is,” Cardosa advised. 

Cardosa also said not to ask the wait staff what their favorite item on the menu is. 

“I’d rather you ask me what is my favorite thing out of two, three things you’ve narrowed it down to. If you just ask me what my favorite thing on the menu, my favorite thing might not be your favorite thing because I don’t know what you like,” he added. 

His best piece of advice? Don't snap at the server to get their attention. Cardosa said to try to make eye contact and raise your eyebrows or give a little hand gesture if you need something.