Wide-Open Doors Helped Fuel Massive Bronx Fire That Killed 8 Children and 9 Adults

Bronx fire
Sunday's Bronx fire killed 17 people. Getty

The deadly Bronx blaze was fed by malfunctioning doors that should have closed automatically, officials said.

The deadly blaze that ravaged a New York City high-rise was fueled by two malfunctioning doors that should have closed automatically, but instead remained wide open, fire officials said.

Sunday's inferno in the Bronx killed eight children and nine adults and left 13 others fighting for their lives in intensive care, authorities said. 

An electric space heater ignited a mattress and started the blaze, officials said, which quickly spread through the apartment's door.

Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro said the apartment’s front door and another on the 15th floor should have been self-closing and helped to block smoke, but the doors stayed fully open.

Toxic smoke engulfed the 19-story apartment complex, forcing residents to hang out their windows to breathe. 

On Twitter, the Fire Department of New York warned residents about the dangers of open doors during home blazes.

"Closing the door behind you when escaping the fire will trap the fire, prevent it from spreading and save lives," the message advised.

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