Widow of Firefighter Suspects Foul Play, Cover-Up in Mysterious Death of Husband at Mexico Resort

Jamie Snow tells Dr. Phil that police informed her there was no video showing how her husband Elijah ended up wedged in a hidden window, despite a number of surveillance cameras. Photos taken at the funeral home show cuts and bruises on Elijah's body.

The wife of a Texas fireman found dead on a wedding anniversary vacation in Mexico is speaking out for the first time on “Dr. Phil.”

“I didn't want to believe it. I wanted to think it was somebody else,” Jamie Snow said.

Earlier this summer, Snow and her husband, Elijah, checked into a luxury resort in Cancun to celebrate their 10th anniversary. That night, the couple had dinner and drinks at the hotel. Jamie went to bed while Elijah stayed up for a nightcap.

But when Jamie woke up, her husband was missing.

Later that morning, Elijah was found dead — his body was wedged inside a tiny window at the hotel next door. Jamie is now speaking exclusively with Dr. Phil about that fateful day.

“At the police station, I was still just in disbelief. It didn't really hit me until they took me back to the hotel, and I was in the hotel room by myself waiting to go and identify his body later,” Jamie said.

In August, Inside Edition investigative correspondent Lisa Guerrero went to Cancun to investigate the mysterious death. From the beach, the only way to the window was down a narrow path. Elijah would have had to scale rocks and climb down to the window.
Or he could have also walked through the Sunset Resort’s front entrance.

“[Jamie] 100% believes there was and is a cover up,” Dr. Phil told Inside Edition. “She does believe that [Elijah] was murdered. She thinks that he may have been mugged and murdered — that maybe he was out walking and somebody jumped him."

Jamie Snow tells Dr. Phil that local police informed her there was no video showing how her husband ended up in the window, despite a number of surveillance cameras.

“She never actually got to see the body until it was at a private funeral home, and she had to go in by herself and take pictures of her husband's dead body. And so she had to hold it up with one hand and take pictures with the other hand,” Dr. Phil said.

The family shared the photos with Inside Edition. They show large bruises and cuts over his body.

“They're not letting this go. They are going to do everything they can to find out what happened to this very fine man,” Dr. Phil said.

The full interview airs Monday on "Dr. Phil's" season premiere.

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