Wife Wins $1 Million From Lottery Ticket She Received as Valentine's Day Gift

Terry and Madonna Mudd of Virginia plan to put the money toward travelling the country upon retirement.

A last-minute Valentine’s Day gift turned into a $1 million surprise when this Virginia man ended up bringing a winning scratch-off ticket home to his wife.

On Feb. 14, Terry Mudd had forgotten to pick up something from his shopping list and made a last-minute visit to the grocery store.

He bought a lottery ticket on the way out, which he does often at the end of shopping trips, and enclosed it in an envelope with the note “Terry + Madonna’s retirement,” a nod to an argument they had earlier about their finances.

Despite the unlikely prediction, she and his wife, Madonna, ended up winning the game’s $1 million top prize.

Instead of the full winnings over 30 years, Terry and Madonna opted for the one-time cash option of $657,030 before taxes.

They now plan to use the winnings toward travelling across the country when they retire.