Maryland Man Wins Lottery Twice Using the Date of Mom's Death

He won the same $10,146 prize months apart.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

That seemed to be this Maryland man’s strategy when it came to playing a lottery game with his winning numbers, and taking home a $10,000 prize for the second time in months.

"I won with the same numbers as in August," said the 58-year-old from Severna Park, according to Maryland Lottery officials.

He explained that the first time he won from the Racetrax virtual horse racing game was in August 2018, and he used the date of his mother’s death on a $1 bet that led to a $10,146 win.

He played the game a few more times after his big win using different combinations of numbers representing his mom’s life. When those didn’t lead to a win, he used the same numbers he did in august, and won the same $10,146 prize.

He now plans to give half of his winnings to his daughter and save the other half to make upgrades on a rental property he owns.