Wild Police Chase Sees Suspect Allegedly Steal Cop's Cruiser

The chase ended in an arrest.

A wild police pursuit took a bizarre turn when the suspect stole a California Highway Patrol cruiser.

The chase started when police say a man and a woman carjacked a truck and then sped off at 110 mph through Kern County Wednesday. 

The driver struck pursuing deputies' vehicles several times and then CHP officers took charge of the chase.

A news helicopter from KTLA was overhead as the driver crashed the truck in the desert and ran. The driver scrambled through the brush to try to escape on foot; however, when he got to the road where the cop cars were parked, he made the brazen move of jumping into an empty CHP cruiser. 

The suspect stole the car and sped off.

For an additional 20 minutes, the chase was on — again. 

Authorities ultimately cornered the suspect. When the driver realized he was trapped, he surrendered.

Charges are expected to include theft of a police car and assaulting a deputy.

The woman who was with the driver was found hiding in the desert, according to cops.