Woman Accidentally Leaves Her Baby in a Lyft

It's not clear how long the baby was in the car before the mom noticed.
Getty Images

A New Jersey woman accidentally left her baby in a Lyft

The woman, who was not identified, took the rideshare car on Wednesday night and accidentally got out of it without grabbing her child, according to city officials. 

Once she realized what happened, she was “hysterical,” said Elizabeth City spokeswoman Kelly Martins. 

“The woman frantically called the cops,” Martins told InsideEdition.com. 

Police were able to contact the Lyft driver who then pulled over and was met by police.  

The baby, whose age was not given, was apparently sleeping in the backseat so the driver didn’t notice the baby was in the car. 

The child was uninjured and reunited with their mom


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