'Fighting Finn' Baby Born at Only 1 Pound Is Finally Home From Hospital

At birth, doctors said Finn Hill only had a 40-50% chance of survival. 

Since being released from the NICU at Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orlando, it's been smooth sailing for “Fighting Finn.”

After spending 113 long days at the hospital, baby Finn was finally able to go home with parents Jessica and Chris Hill, who posted about his triumphant release on his popular Facebook page, Fighting Finn. The brave baby was sporting tiny boxing gloves and Georgia Bulldogs gear.

Now, after his first checkup since going home, doctors say the fighter is doing very well.

“He had a good report. We are hoping in about a month to do a sleep study so he can come off of oxygen which would be fantastic,” mom Jessica Hill said.

It’s welcome news to the mom and dad, considering what the family has been through. 

When Finn was born on May 21, he weighed just 1 pound and 2 ounces. His footprints were smaller than a penny. 

"Initially when I got pregnant, I was pregnant with twins. Unfortunately, after 10 weeks, we did lose the baby. Because of that loss my body formed a clot around that baby and that was the main reason why I went into labor," Jessica shared.

"At 24 weeks and four days, I had a high-risk doctors appointment. My water broke on the table so that was a little terrifying," she added.

First came the emergency caesarean section. Then came the news that Finn only had a 40-50% chance of survival. 

The couple had already endured two failed IVF sessions. They’d been trying to get pregnant for nine years. 

The Hills turned to embryo adoption.

“He is not biologically ours. But she carried him which is really cool. The power of science,” Chris said.

"We had quite a few things stacked against us when he was born. But he made it! He's a fighter!” Jessica added.

The reigning champ now weighs more than 6 pounds. While the future is looking bright for "Fighting Finn," his parents say they would like to grow their squad and have at least one more baby.

“We’ll wait a couple years,” Jessica laughed.