Woman Born Without Uterus Gives Birth to Healthy Baby Boy After Transplant: 'Our Little Miracle'

Jen Gobrecht was the second woman in the United States to give birth after receiving a womb from a deceased donor.

Jen and Drew Gobrecht broke down in tears of joy when Jen's pregnancy test came back positive.

It's an exciting moment for many, but even more so for the couple who was told pregnancy would be impossible because of a condition Jen was born with known as MRKH syndrome, a malformation that results in a missing uterus.

"To hear those words, 'You're pregnant.' I never ever thought I'd hear those words," Jen told Inside Edition.

But the couple became optimistic after learning that Jen would be an ideal candidate for a groundbreaking uterus transplant procedure.

The intricate surgery was performed by a team of 30 specialists, led by doctors Kathleen O'Neill and Nawar Latif at Penn Medicine in Philadelphia.

The surgery was successful, and six months later, doctors implanted an embryo into Jen's uterus.

Jen delivered a healthy boy via c-section three months ago. She was only the second woman in the United States to give birth after receiving a womb from a deceased donor. The doting parents named the baby Ben. 

"This is 100% our little miracle," Jen said.