Woman Buys Dress by Jackie Kennedy’s Designer Oleg Cassini for $15 at Texas Goodwill

Jackie Kennedy dubbed designer Oleg Cassini, who died in 2006, the “Secretary of Style.”

A woman bought a sparkly dress for $14.99 at Goodwill. She thought the dress special, but little did she know, it was a part of the annals of fashion history.

The tag on the dress read “Black Tie” by “Oleg Cassini.”

Oleg Cassini was Jackie Kennedy’s personal designer. He is the designer who dressed the first lady for John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Ball in 1961 in an iconic cape and matching gown.

The mother of two who bought the Oleg Cassini dress, Kansas Michalke, found it at a thrift store in Austin.

“I saw a twinkle out of the corner of my eye and beeline straight to the dress. I had no what I had. I just knew that it was fabulous,” Michalke says. “I just typed in the name into Google search and it popped up with a bunch of pictures of Jackie Kennedy and I was like, ‘Oh wow.’”

Cassini also dressed and romanced actress Grace Kelly. Marilyn Monroe wore his gowns, as did his wife, actress Gene Tierney.

Kennedy dubbed designer Cassini, who died in 2006, the “Secretary of Style.”

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