Woman Buys 'Haunted' Armchair With Ghostly Outline on the Seat

The outline of a human figure on a second-hand armchair has piqued the curiosity of people hoping to buy it.

When DeAnna Whitlock bought an armchair online, she didn’t notice the eerie outline of a man sitting in it until it was delivered to her Oklahoma home and she tried to resell it. That is when questions into its history started.

“I put on there, ‘Beautiful chair — nothing wrong with it.’ And that’s what really grabbed the attention of all the viewers. People were commenting, ‘Yeah, except there’s someone that died in it,'” Whitlock told Inside Edition.

It’s reminding lots of people of the terrifying chair in the movie “The Conjuring,” as well as a scene from “The Invisible Man.”

“People were texting me and asking me, “Really, give us the story. Did someone die in it? Did someone melt in it?’” Whitlock said.

Whitlock says she’s been offered big bucks for the chair, but she’s decided to keep it instead. She’s even given it a name: “Henry.”

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