Woman Buys Vintage Roller Skates to Find Out They Belonged to Her 40 Years Ago

Approaching her 60th birthday, Renee Forrestall wanted to get back into roller skating. A vintage pair she found online fit her perfectly, and she was stunned to find her name scrawled inside the tongue.

In an unbelievable twist of fate, a woman was reunited with the roller skates that belonged to her as a kid 40 years ago.      

In the 1970s, Renee Forrestall loved roller-skating and cherished her prized skates. But at some point, she sold them at a yard sale. 

“As soon as I sold them, I felt like, ‘Oh no, I shouldn't have done that!’” Forrestall said.

The years passed, and as Forrestall was facing her 60th birthday, she began feeling nostalgic about the simpler pleasures of her childhood and wanted to get back into skating.

She bought new roller skates, but didn’t like how they felt, so she went on Facebook Marketplace to search for a vintage pair and came across one for $40.

Then came the Cinderella moment, when she tried them on, and they fit perfectly — almost too perfectly.

“At that point, I pulled back the tongue, and I could see my name printed on the inside, and then it dawned on me, oh my god, that's my handwriting. These are my skates!” Forrestall said.

Now those trusty skates from bygone days are helping Renee roll into her 60s!

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