Woman Catches Fish With 2 Mouths, Then Releases It: 'Too Bizarrely Beautiful to Kill'

A New York woman caught a two-mouthed fish.
Knotty Boys Fishing

A New York woman got quite the shock when she caught a fish with two mouths. 

Debbie Geddes was fishing on Lake Champlain on Friday with Knotty Boys Fishing when she felt something pulling at her line. After reeling it in, Geddes was stunned to see she'd caught a lake trout with not one but two separate mouths. 

"She was and is still in awe of the fish," a spokesperson for Knotty Boys Fishing said, adding that the second mouth created extra drag in the water, making the group think Geddes had actually caught something much bigger.

Geddes couldn't bear to keep the fish, which she said "appeared healthy" beyond the extra mouth, according to the spokesperson.

"They released the fish," said the spokesperson. "She said that it was so bizarrely beautiful to kill."

So what caused the dual mouths? It's unclear, but theories abound. 

"The theories are crazy," said the spokesperson. "Injury. Genetic defect. 'The Simpsons.'" 

Lake Champlain is home to other oddities, as well, including Champ, its famed resident lake monster rumored to be a 20-foot serpent with a head like a horse.


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