Woman Caught Stealing Tips From Uber Driver Apologizes Amid Intense Backlash

She claims she's been subjected to comments that call her "nasty" and "human garbage."

The 18-year-old who was caught on camera stealing $5 from an Uber driver’s tip jar over the summer is now saying she's sorry, after the internet let her have it when video of the theft went viral.

Gabrielle Canales, an aspiring model, is apologizing to the driver. In the August incident, she was with two other friends and wearing just a bra as a top when she was seen taking the cash. 

"I did something wrong," she said. "I know did something wrong."

She added that she was "embarrassed" for her family after she made headlines. 

As if that wasn't enough, online comments have been brutal, with various commenters calling her "nasty," "low-life scum" and "human garbage.”  

The driver may not have pressed charges, but there's no doubt she was convicted in the court of public opinion.

"I took this man's hard earned money and I would be upset if someone did that to me, so I apologize for that," she said. 

Uber has deactivated her account.