Woman Creates Hilarious Website to Get 'Hellion' Foster Dog Adopted

Christine Clauder said the comical sight is highly exaggerated, but she thought it would find Hank a good fit for adoption.

A Texas woman made a hilarious website for her foster dog, Hank. Christine Clauder, who is trying to get Hank adopted, called the pup a “hellion” on the site, but admits that her humor is exaggerated a bit, all in the name of finding the right fit for the 1-year-old dog.

On the site, Clauder described Hank as “kind of trained, fancy af and loyal af.” She added that his energy makes it seem like he’s been drinking coffee and Red Bull on the regular.

“I created this website because from the get-go, we knew that Hank was a pretty spirited dog and we knew that he needed to find a perfect family to be with, so building that website seemed to be a pretty natural thing to do for me,” Clauder told Inside Edition Digital.

Clauder, who volunteers at Abandoned Animal Rescue in Houston, said she thought making the website would really help Hank’s chances.

On the site, Clauder joked: “He knows basic commands such as 'sit,' 'down,' 'shake,' and 'why are you so f--- mental, stop chewing on that and get in your f--- kennel.' He'll ... stand in between your legs [while you're cooking] and trip you up while you're holding knives.”

Hank has already been neutered and the 54-pound dog loves attention, according to Clauder. She’s hoping that he can find the right home because despite his more than energetic personality, he’s a great dog, she said. And after Clauder found him running alone in traffic and rescued him, he deserves it.

“Hank is just such a terrific dog. He's very, very intelligent, very curious,” she said. “He always has to be in the middle of whatever it is that you're doing. But as you can see, he's just an exuberant puppy who really sometimes has no manners whatsoever.”

Anyone interested in adopting Hank can visit the rightly named website, pleaseadopthank.com.

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