Woman Gives Birth Mid-Flight Over International Waters

Woman laying on stretcher

“Everything just happened so fast, it just happened so quick,” the mother said.

An American Airlines flight to the Dominican Republic gained a passenger mid-flight when a woman's water broke and she gave birth on board.

The newborn’s mother, Kendra Rhoden, was seven-months pregnant with only six weeks before her due date when she hopped on a flight to her vacation destination in the Caribbean in September, reported KKTV.

Rhoden was enjoying an on-flight nap when she woke up to her baby kicking, followed by her water breaking, according to KKTV.

“Everything just happened so fast, it just happened so quick,” Rhoden told WFSB.

Nurses aboard the flight rushed into action to help deliver Rhoden's baby boy, according to WFSB.

Rhoden's sister shared a TikTok later thanking the four nurses that helped her sister deliver her baby.

"We really appreciate you for all the hard work you did that day because we know how things really could have went left,” Rhoden's sister said in the TikTok. 

As for the name of the baby boy, Rhoden only felt right naming him after the situation in which he arrived.

"His name is Skylen," Rhoden says. "Because he was born in the plane," reported WPSD.

For the location of birth on baby Skylen’s birth certificate, it says he was born “in the air” but he is recognized as a U.S citizen, reports WPSD

The mother and her newborn spent some time in a hospital in the Dominican Republic before flying back home to Connecticut to be evaluated, according to WPSD.

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