Woman Is a Surrogate for Her Identical Twin Sister Who Struggled With Infertility

Amy Fuggiti and her husband struggled to get pregnant, so Amy's twin sister, Courtney, stepped in to be a gestational surrogate.

Identical twins Courtney Essenpreis and Amy Fuggiti have always done everything together. Now their bond is even stronger, as Courtney is carrying Amy’s baby. 

For five years, Amy and her husband, Tony, struggled with infertility and IVF, including a miscarriage. 

“Courtney would say, what are we going to do next? What’s our next step?” Amy said.

They both say it was a no-brainer for Courtney, who has two kids of her own, to become a gestational surrogate carrier. 

“We’re so intrinsically tied that it was the sensible next step for all of us,” Amy said.

“As a sister, you feel so helpless and you feel so heartbroken with them, and so this is the easy part for me,” Courtney said.

Using one of Amy and Tony’s embryos, Courtney is now five-months pregnant — with her twin’s child.

“I just feel so blessed to be a part of her life already and to have the honor of seeing her into this world,” Courtney said.

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