Woman Pulled From SUV Window by Cops Just Before Sinking in Icy Ohio River

Seconds after the driver was pulled out of the water, the SUV completely submerged underwater.

A woman was rescued by police after getting trapped in her sinking minivan in an icy Ohio river. The harrowing ordeal was captured in body cam footage and the woman’s 911 call.

“How high is the water?” the dispatcher says.

“It’s up to my window,” the driver responds.

The dispatcher then asked if there was anything in the car she could use to break the window. When officers arrived on the scene, they could hear her pleas for help.

“She was panicking. She was afraid she was going to die,” dispatcher Jamie Stead told Inside Edition.

One of the officers, Christian Tussey, was up to chest in the icy water, body cam footage shows. With all the doors locked, the officer shattered the window and pulled the woman out to safety.

“Seconds after removing her from the car, the vehicle submerged completely,” Tussey told Inside Edition.

The driver was treated for minor facial injuries and released. Police say they believe she had fallen asleep at the wheel.