Woman Rides Water Skis for 1st Time Since Being Paralyzed 9 Years Ago

Katie Vree never thought she would get back in the water again.

Katie Vree never thought she'd get back in the water again after being paralyzed at 17.

The teenager, who was an avid athlete, went on a high school mission trip to Guatemala, where she contracted a spinal virus. She was left in a wheelchair from the devastating illness.

"I was completely paralyzed from my collarbone down," Vree told Inside Edition. "It took a lot of determination to become even slightly independent again."

Though she gained back some of that independence, Vree never thought she would be back in the water again.

But then, Alex Moran stepped in to help. She runs an organization that helps people overcome obstacles.

Katie was placed in a specialized chair with oversize skis. And then, she was back in the water again, doing what she loves.

"When she took off, I was overcome with emotion," Moran said.

"I was just trying to soak in the moment. I was like, 'Oh man, I can't wait to do this again,'" Vree said.

Watch the video above to see the inspiring moment Vree got back on her skis.