Woman Says Boyfriend Sold Her Puppy on Craigslist, Then Dumped Her

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A California woman is claiming her spiteful boyfriend sold her dog on Craigslist to get back at her. 

Ashley Farley said she was heartbroken when she came home from work one day to discover her beloved Pomeranian Ella was gone.

"He smiled at me with this, like, really spiteful look and was like, 'Well, babe, I sold her while you were at work ... and you're never going to see her again,'" Farley told Inside Edition. Then, to add insult to injury, he dumped her, she said.

Farley showed Inside Edition what she said was the ad her now-ex wrote. 

"Trying to find a new home for my gorgeous little princess," it reads. "Just got a new job, so I have to move across the country and my new place does not allow dogs of any kind."

Farley said she spent the next few days desperately trying to track Ella down.

"I felt like a hole had been punctured through my heart, like part of me was missing," she said.

Fortunately for her, this sad tale has a happy ending. 

As it turned out, Ella was bought by a couple who then saw Farley's story on a local TV report and realized they had her pup. 

"They were the sweetest people I have met," said Farley, who added they didn't even ask for money.

Now Farley and Ella are back together, and the ex is long gone.


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