Woman Says She Was Impregnated With Wrong Sperm in Alleged Clinic Mix-Up

The now-divorced couple is suing the clinic.
CBS News

A white former New Jersey couple is suing a fertility clinic after they gave birth to a baby whose sperm donor is thought to be Asian. The facility is now being ordered by the court to turn its list of donors over. 

Kristina Koedderich and her ex-husband, Drew Wasilewski, thought the baby Koedderich gave birth to was biologically both of theirs after undergoing in vitro fertilization at the Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science at St. Barnabas in New Jersey in 2013.

Koedderich noticed when her daughter turned 2, though, that she did not look like Wasilewski. The couple say a DNA test shows that was because he was not the baby’s father. Wasilewski said he had a "meltdown" when he found out.

"You want to have a child and you can't have one and then you're finally able to … and it was upsetting," Wasilewski told CBS News of learning the child was not biologically his. "Very confusing."

The parents also say they found that the child’s sperm donor had passed on a genetic disorder to the baby as well. 

Wasilewski is now worried he may have children he doesn’t know about. 

"The problem we have here, what happened to Drew's sperm?" the family's attorney, David Mazie, told CBS News. "It was supposed to be inseminated that day. So if it didn't go into Kristina, is it someone else who he fathered? "  

Even though the couple is no longer together, they are raising the baby as their own. They do think the experience was part of the reason for their split, CBS News reported. 

The Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science at St. Barnabas did not respond to InsideEdition’s request for comment. The facility did release a statement to CBS News.

“The integrity of our treatment processes are paramount and we are taking this matter very seriously,” the statement said. 


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