Woman Says Tony Robbins Groped Her Breast, Made Her Touch Him in 1980s

Tony Robbins
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The accuser, who did not want to be identified, is speaking out for the first time about her interactions with the famous self-help guru.

He is the world-famous self-help guru. Through books and seminars and personal charisma, Tony Robbins has built an empire.

Among the women who've made accusations of inappropriate behavior against Robbins, two of them spoke to Inside Edition, including Kimberly Stokes, who was hired as Robbins' personal assistant when she was 22. She lived at his estate in San Diego.

Stokes claims that the 6-foot-7-inch-tall Robbins entered her bathroom when she was in the shower.

"Here's this guy in a towel and I am in the shower and then he drops his towel and I told him to leave and he did. He never treated me the same since," Stokes said.

She says she was fired soon after rebuffing him.

In August, Robbins released a tape he recorded at 2 a.m. He looked gaunt and sounded hoarse as he defended himself against the mounting accusations against him.

"I have never claimed to be perfect, so if there is something that I ever said or done or offended anybody or hurt anybody's feelings or they felt anything of that nature, like I didn't support them, I apologize. It certainly was not my intent," he said.

Stokes said his apology was not enough.

"Tony makes this non-apology apology. He sounded like a victim. I hit the roof," Stokes said.

Another woman, who did not want to be identified recalled the time that someone from his team told her Robbins thought she was "cute."

She claims Robbins fondled her during one of his famous firewalks in the late 1980s.

"I was ready to step on the hot coals when he grabbed my breast," she told Inside Edition.

However, she says it went even further than that.

"He put my hand on his penis," she said in the emotional interview.

Robbins has continued to defend his character, saying, "Hopefully we can remember that human beings can grow. I mean I am certainly a better human being than I was in my 20s and 30s," he said.

In a statement to Inside Edition, a spokesperson for Robbins says he "... vehemently denies these allegations. It is unfortunate that Inside Edition is rehashing unsubstantiated allegations from over 30 years ago... There was a time when journalistic standards existed, and stories were properly vetted."

Robbins continues to host his seminars around the world.