Woman on Scooter Wearing Tie-Dye Dress Photobombs Groomsmen's Portraits

Kenyatta Jefferson zoomed through a wedding party on her scooter in downtown Omaha.
Kenyatta Jefferson zoomed through a wedding party on her scooter in downtown Omaha. Molly Giangreco with Molly B. Photography

There are certain risks to taking wedding photos in a busy space, like a colorful woman on a scooter photobombing the groomsmen’s portrait.

Matt Reilly and his groomsmen posed in their suits and ties outside the venue in downtown Omaha, Nebraska, on his wedding day, until an unexpected addition came zooming into their shot.

The woman in a tie-dye dress riding a scooter, later identified as Kenyatta Jefferson, told InsideEdition.com she saw the wedding party and just couldn’t resist.

“Should I stop and pose for a picture or should I zoom through the picture? So I zoomed through the picture,” Jefferson told InsideEdition.com. “I never even turned around to go back and talked to them or the photographer.”

She explained she and her husband had gotten new scooters recently and were riding around on them that day.

“I happened to see this wedding party and I said I had to photobomb them,” she joked. “I kind of just zipped through the pictures.”

Jefferson said she didn’t realize she made such a big impression on the groomsmen until photographer Molly Giangreco uploaded them to her Facebook page, and Jefferson's friends caught wind of the pictures.

Reilly said the unexpected surprise only added to his wedding day.

“The group of groomsmen and I are easy going and we’re happy to have someone photobomb us and get in the shoot,” he said.


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