Woman Sleeping on California Beach Crushed to Death by Tractor 

Police Tape
Getty Images

Oceanside police are still trying to identify the woman who was killed Monday when a sand-removal tractor drove over her sleeping body.

A woman sunbathing at a Southern California beach was crushed to death by a piece of heavy machinery, according to reports. The victim, who remains unidentified but appeared to be in her late 40s or early 50s, was asleep at the beach around 10 a.m. Monday on North Pacific Street in San Diego when a construction worker performing a sand-removal process known as "dredging" drove over her body, according to Fox5 News.

The worker told police that he did not see the woman, the report said. A surfer noticed the woman earlier in the day looking fatigued, Tom Bussey, a spokesperson for the Oceanside Police Department, told Inside Edition Digital. 

"People went over to check on her and didn't wake her up. They noticed she was breathing, went on about their business," Bussey added.

“I was going surfing around 8:30 this morning. There was a woman who was leaning against a wall, she looked like she was going to pass out,” Jay Burneo told Fox5. “I went surfing and then I walked out and saw her laying on the beach passed out."

Police estimate the tractor weighed about 50,000 pounds. "It was a pretty good amount of weight," the police spokesperson said.

The woman was fully dressed and did not have identification on her at the time of her death, police said. Police have ruled her death an accident and there are no pending charges against the operator of the machinery.

The San Diego County Medical Examiner's office is performing an autopsy on the woman.