Woman Wants Owners of Bulldog That Fell Through Sunroof to Pay for Damages

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When Winston the French bulldog fell six stories and crashed through the sunroof of a car, he may have been OK, but the car wasn't. 

Winston's owner, Emma Heinrich, had removed his leash after an evening walk when he bolted up the stairs inside their New York City building, ran to the roof and fell, landing on a car below.

Ashley Haynes was renting the silver Dodge Challenger that little Winston fell through. She parked it on the street while she went out to eat, and when she returned, she couldn't believe what happened. 

"What? Like is this even a real story?" Haynes told Inside Edition. 

Now, she said she's stuck with the hefty bill for the damages. 

Haynes said she's a dog lover herself and she's happy Winston is doing well, but she'd appreciate it if Winston's owners paid for the damage to the vehicle. 

She has a message for them: "You know I saved your dog's life, can you pay for my sunroof?"

The dog's owners, Emma Heinrich and Dan Collins, told Inside Edition Haynes gave them an initial quote of $400 to repair the roof, which they said they agreed to pay.

But three days later, the couple claim that Haynes "produced a receipt for double the amount," as well as other assorted receipts for costs she claimed were associated with the accident. 


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