Woman Who Passed Out While Driving Reunited With Passersby Who Saved Her Through Police Department Gifts

Inside Edition
Inside Edition

Last week, Laurie Rabyor was aided by pedestrians after slumping over her steering wheel. Now she and her saviors are being awarded a free cruise.

Last week, a Florida woman suffered a medical emergency while driving and was aided by good Samaritans.

Laurie Rabyor, a Florida seamstress, lost consciousness behind the wheel of her vehicle due to a mix of high blood pressure medications and a fasting diet, according to local outlet WSLS.

Janette Rivera, a coworker of Rabyor’s, flagged down nearby drivers for help when she saw the woman slumped over her steering wheel. 

Five passersby came to help, including Staff Sergeant Juan Chavez, and they were able to stop the car, retrieve Rabyor, and call for help. 

Thursday after the incident, Rabyor was reunited with the folks who helped her out by the police department, as each of them received a free Caribbean cruise along with a $2,000 gift card.

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