Woman Wore Same Hawaiian Shirt for 264 Remote Work Meetings and No One Seemed to Notice

The non-profit worker finally returned to the office to reveal the gag, much to the surprise of her coworkers.

Do you ever feel like people aren’t paying attention? A woman says she wore the same bold print Hawaiian shirt to 264 days of Zoom meetings, and never got a single comment on it from her coworkers. 

“I was like, wouldn’t it be funny if I wore this shirt again? Like that’d be a funny joke and everyone would say something, and no one said anything. And then I thought, well, I’m going to keep doing this until someone notices, and no one ever noticed,” said Jackie, who works at a Washington D.C.-based nonprofit. 

Yes, that’s right — 264 meetings and not a single person seemed to notice. 

“I had some real ups and downs. Like the first month I was like, this is really funny. Then it’d be like, oh I’m still wearing this. And then it’d be funny again,” Jackie said.

She says she was certain someone would finally catch on, but they never did. And last week, when she finally returned to the office, she wore the shirt in person.

“I was like, so by the way, I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but I’ve been wearing this shirt to every video meeting that we’ve had since last April. And they had no idea. They were like, ‘That shirt?’’ I was like, ‘Yes, this shirt that I’m wearing right now, yes,’” Jackie said.

Jackie is now starting a new job, but she hasn’t yet worn the shirt.

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