Worker Shortage at Airports Causing Long Lines at Shops and Restaurants

CBS News travel editor Peter Greenberg tells Inside Edition about the worker shortage affecting airports nationwide.

With COVID-19 restrictions being lifted, airports are getting crowded again, but it’s not just the ticket counter and security where you can expect to see long lines. If you want some coffee or a meal, that's going to take some time, too.

Inside Edition producer Carly Bagingito was in for a surprise when she went to grab a coffee before her flight. She says it took her about 25 minutes. It’s a scene being repeated at airports across the country

Experts say a worker shortage at airports is to blame for the long lines. 

“It’s the perfect storm, between not enough staffers at the retail locations, not enough retail locations, and the problem of the rent at those locations, with a lot of stores not opening, because it’s too expensive for them to come back,” CBS News travel editor Peter Greenberg said. 

The biggest demand is for cooks. Some restaurant concessions are even limiting their menus.

Above all, Greenberg says keep your eye on the clock, because you don't want to miss your flight waiting for your flight waiting for a snack.

“If you have an early morning flight, get there at least another hour earlier just to get your coffee,” Greenberg said.

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