World-Class Mountain Bikers' Incredible Stunts Wow Viewers and Set Records at Germany’s Audi Nines Festival

Both world-class competitors, Caroline Buchanan and Elias Ruso delivered never-done-before tricks.

Some of the world’s best mountain bikers recently showed what they could do at a German quarry.

One of those world-class competitors was Australian Caroline Buchanan, who landed herself in the record books with an impressive jump.

"I wanted to land a world's first female mountain-bike front-flip to dirt, which I did this morning," she said.

Caroline told CBS News she practiced the trick at home with a giant airbag before attempting it on a dirt track.

And biker Elias Ruso tried to do something no one had ever done before: a front-flip heel-clicker. He didn’t quite make his first attempt, but he didn't give up and nailed his next attempt.

As expected, the Austrian athlete was elated.

“I was super, super happy and glad to land my first-ever front flip heel-clicker. It's actually a world's first trick, so I'm super pumped for it," he said.

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