World's Hairiest Man Has Hair Covering 98 Percent of His Body

“Some people ask if it’s itchy," Larry Gomez says. "No, this is my normal life."

Larry Gomez is teaching the world about loving the hair he’s in.

With 98 percent of his entire body covered, the California man is officially the world’s hairiest.

“Being one of the hairiest guys in the world makes me special and I’m famous too,” Gomez, aka "Wolf Man," told Caters News. “Not many people in the world have this condition — I believe six or eight people — and I am the hairiest one.”

The excess body hair is caused by a rare genetic disorder known as hypertrichosis that affects less than 100 people in the world. It also affects some of his family members, although women with the condition have slightly finer hair.

He explains he gets a haircut about once a month, but the hair grows back just as thick.

"Some people ask if it’s itchy," Gomez joked. "No, this is my normal life."

He explained that in his childhood he was bullied for his looks, but has since embraced his excess hair, especially after his recent marriage.

“I have to live with this because I have it, I don’t know other ways,” he explained.

Filmmaker Travis Hoefle, who profiled Gomez for his YouTube channel, "Wizard of Odd TV," added: “He’s a very nice man and loves to make jokes. I can tell he’s a very caring person and a real family man. Wolf Man’s outlook on life is very positive and inspirational – life is hard, but you have to make the best of it each and every day.”