Wounded War Veterans Form Band: 'We're Gonna Do Big Things'

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Their band name is fitting for these wounded war veterans – “The Resilient.”

Four of the five Pennsylvania band members are war veterans who turned to music as a path to healing.

Greg Loman, the only non-war veteran, met his bandmates while they were recovering.

“Through the recovery we all discovered this really intense passion for honest musicianship and they've all gotten so good,” Loman told CBS News.

Nate Kalwacki, who plays guitar, lost his right leg in Afghanistan, while Marcus D’Andrea, on bass, lost both his legs, as did lead vocalist Tim Donley. 

Donley said he uses his songwriting ability as a way to process his injuries. The group practices in his home, which is wheelchair-accessible. 

“We just wear our scars on the outside whereas most people have, you know, they've got all their own messed up stuff going on inside,” Donley said.

Juan Dominguez kills it on the drums for the band, even after having lost both legs and an arm.

“… We're gonna do big things,” Dominguez said.

The band is currently working on their first album

“It doesn't feel it can go anywhere but up,” Donley said.


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