YouTuber Named Apetor Dies Days After Posting Video Saying He Wasn't Dead

Apetor — whose real name was Tor Eckhoff — had over 1.2 million subscribers.

A popular YouTuber has died just days after assuring fans he wasn't dead.

Apetor, a Norwegian YouTuber with over 1.2 million subscribers, posted his last video on November 22, titled "I am Not Dead, I am 57 Today."

In it, Apetor — whose real name was Tor Eckhoff — wore the number 57 across his forehead as he chopped wood, took an ice bath, and gave his signature Vikingfjord Vodka toast that subscribers had come to expect.

Eckhoff's partner said on Facebook that he was in an icy lake for too long while filming a video for his channel. She said he was picked up by divers and sent by air ambulance to the hospital. The next day, the 57-year-old died from his injuries on November 26. 

Apetor's videos embraced the joys in both travel and everyday life. As a rectal cancer survivor in 2018, Tor Eckhoff was determined to enjoy each ice bath and swig of vodka along his journey.

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