10-Year-Old With Hearing Loss Cries Tears of Joy as She's Surprised With Service Dog

The dog has changed her life for the better.

In a precious moment caught on camera, a 10-year-old South Carolina girl with hearing issues is surprised with a service dog by her mother.

Emily Huneycutt, 10, of Sumter, had been afraid of being left alone due to her genetic hearing loss condition, which has gotten progressively worse as she gets older. So her mom decided to get her a cute Yorkie, named Piper, to give her help and comfort.

"Once I got Piper, I put her in a ventilated box and asked Emily why she didn’t put up her clothes since that is one of her chores," Emily’s mom, Angel Huneycutt, said. “Once she opened the box she saw the dog and was so excited, bursting into tears."

In a video of the moment, Emily can’t contain her emotions as she screams, "I’ve got a puppy!"

Piper, who is 3, has changed Emily’s life for the better. Before she got the dog, her hearing loss had become so severe she was afraid to go to the bathroom or shower alone. She’s now grown confidence with Piper around.

“Now, if someone knocks or Piper hears any strange noise, she will bark ... which in turn makes Emily feel safe and more secure," Honeycutt said. "It’s like Piper is her ears."

Emily and her dog are now inseparable.

“Piper is her hero and Emily is a wonderful big sister to her," Honeycutt added.