11 People Injured in 'Mass Shooting' at Mississippi Bike Club, Police Say

Crime scene
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Police say about 11 people were injured during a mass shooting early Sunday at the SSMC bike club off of Highway 8 East in Grenada

A reported mass shooting at a Mississippi bike club over the weekend sent 11 people to the hospital, according to reports. The shooting occurred around 1:30 a.m. at the SSMC bike club off of Highway 8 East in Grenada early Sunday morning, the Delta Democrat-Times reported.

Members of the Grenada Police Department and Grenada County Sheriffs Office responded to the scene, where they allegedly found firearms and stolen property inside the club, WTVA reported.

"We believe there were two opposing subjects or people that were shooting possibly at one another," Acting Police Chief George Douglas said during a Sunday press conference, recorded by WTVA. "We haven't had that thoroughly confirmed at the moment."

There were no reported deaths in the shooting. The victims were treated for gunshot wounds at nearby hospitals, including the University of Mississippi Medical Center, Greenwood Leflore Hospital and Tyler Holmes Memorial Hospital, Douglas told the Democrat-Times.

"Most of the individuals who were shot have received superficial wounds, however, this does not minimize the seriousness of the shooting," Douglas continued. 

The department is still investigating a motive for the shooting. No arrests were made as of late Sunday morning.