'My Gun's Cocked and Locked': 911 Recordings Reveal Deadly Road-Rage Argument

In 911 calls, driver Robert Doyle can be heard telling a dispatcher he has his gun ready to fire during a fatal road-rage incident in Florida.

Shocking 911 calls reveal a tragic road-rage duel in Florida that left one driver dead.

“My gun's coming out. I'm gonna put it in his f------ head!” suspect Robert Doyle is heard saying.

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“He's gonna flip me off?  I'm gonna ------“ said victim Condelario Gonzalez.   

Police said the duel started when 51-year-old Doyle and 44-year-old Condelario Gonzalez got into a heated argument while both were driving their vehicles in Citrus County, Florida.

“Some maniac's trying to run me off the road. My gun's already out, its cocked and locked,” said Doyle in the 911 call.

Meanwhile, Gonzalez had his wife, daughter and grandson in his car. His wife told 911 a different story: “He's just driving like an idiot. Somebody needs to smack the crap out of this idiot,” she said.

“I'm going to follow him right to his house,” said Condelario Gonzalez.

The 911 operator then said, “No, no, no. He's not going to follow him to his house. You guys need to go home.”

A furious Condelario Gonzalez wasn't listening. As he pulled up in front of Doyle's house, Doyle was waiting -- and the tragedy played out in front of both of their terrified families.

“Oh, he's got a gun! He's got a gun!  Get somebody here now! “ said Gonzalez’s wife in the call.

Doyle's wife said, “Don't shoot!” before the shots went off. Five shots were then heard, the last three in quick succession.

Gonzalez’s wife said, “He just shot my husband!”

Cops said Gonzalez was shot in the back.  

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Capt. David De Carlo of the Citrus County Sheriff's Office said, "It's an unfortunate incident that asbolutely could have been avoided from both parties if they didn't engage one another. Mr. Doyle could have easily went inside his house. He was just steps from his front door."

But Doyle's wife told 911 a different story: “The guy just kept charging at him,” she said.

“He just charged at him?” asked the 911 operator.

“Yes, we were in our yard, he stopped in the middle of the road and came after my husband,” said Doyle’s wife.

Robert Doyle is now charged with second-degree murder. INSIDE EDITION spoke to Andy Hallinan, a friend of Gonzales' devastated family. "When you have a gun in the car and someboy cuts you off, it doesn't matter. Who cares if somebody cuts you off?" he said.

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