12 Herons Rescued After Wildfire Released Back Into the Wild

A dozen herons found in Bolivia after a wildfire last year were nursed back to health and recently released.

After being scattered from a fire last year, 12 herons have been released back into the wild thanks to Bolivian environmentalists. 

The group responsible are the Cocha-Bamba's Ministry of Environment and veterinarians from the Higher University of San Simon.

These environmentally-focused folks nursed the large birds back to health after the fire ravaged through their natural habitat.  

According to environmental authorities, 15 herons were rescued in late October 2021, after a wildfire ripped through the Alalay lake.

The birds were found dizzy and unable to fly due to smoke inhalation. 

Three birds had previously been released back into the wild, and the remaining are now finally well enough to get home safely, thanks to the environmentalists.

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