16-Year-Old Is Finding the Bright Side After Being Bitten by Shark

Jackie Jozaitis' friends are finding humor in the situation, presenting her with shark-themed gifts.

A 16-year-old Florida girl is in good spirits after surviving a shark attack. 

Jackie Jozaitis said she was boogie-boarding when she felt a sharp pain. "At first, it was really shocking and it was a crushing feel,” she told Inside Edition. 

The shark took a chunk out of her left heel, but Jackie isn't letting it hold her back, even finding humor in the situation, her mom, Robin, said, adding that Jackie's gotten a number shark-themed gifts from her friends, including a “Jaws” shirt. 

"We have a pool float; it says, 'Nice to eat you.' Swedish fish, sharks, everyone's favorite, a shark stress ball,” Robin said. 

Jokes aside, the teen understands the attack could've been much worse.

"I was really lucky that it wasn't more extreme than what happened,” she said. 

It’s believed she was bitten by a blacktip or sand shark. She will need six weeks of therapy until she can walk again but is expected to make a full recovery.