With This Ring, I Thee Wet: Newly Engaged Couple Accidentally Drop Diamond Ring Into Ocean

The newly engaged couple were kissing and hugging, until suddenly, her elbow bumped his arm, and his hand slipped, causing the ring to fly into the ocean.

Imagine this couple's disappointment when mid-proposal, the ring dropped into the ocean in the middle of their big moment.

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Like anyone planning a romantic proposal, Sergio Chudy, 53, thought the perfect spot to would be on a ledge overlooking the open ocean.

But, fate seemed to have other plans, as the newly engaged couple's excitement turned to sadness when they knocked the ring straight into the ocean while celebrating.

"I was shocked," said fiance Sarka Edwars, who agreed to marry him anyway. "I was crying [for] two days."

Edwars, who is originally from Czech Republic, said she and Chudy, who is from Poland, have been together since they first met in Key West about 10 years ago.

She explained that Chudy had invited her to have dinner with his daughter and his daughter's boyfriend at a hotel in Clearwater, Florida, two weeks ago as an early Father's Day celebration. Little did she know that his daughter, Natalia, was the one who helped organize the proposal.

After Chudy received a Father's Day present from Natalia, he asked Edwars to take a picture with him in front of the beautiful view of the ocean.

Then, a plane in the background appeared with the words: "Will you marry me Sarka? Love Sergio"

In a video posted to Rob Ward's YouTube page, Chudy can be seen then descending on one knee, and presenting Edwars the ring.

"I had no idea it was going to happen after (dinner)," she said. "It was like a surprise from beginning to ending."

But what appeared to happen next was much more surprising. She and her new fiance hugged and kissed, until suddenly, her elbow bumped his arm, and his hand slipped.

Suddenly, the diamond ring went flying out of the ring box and into the ocean.

"I didn't want to blame him or myself. It just happened," she said. "I was sitting at the table. People came to me and cried with me. (They said), 'You know, it's just a ring. You've got each other, and you're healthy and you're here — this is what matters, right?'"

Even so, a team of at least 10 people helped Chudy search for the ring. Edwars said police, hotel staff, servers, and even professionals with metal detectors showed up to assist them.

"They came from [below] completely wet," she laughed. "It was very nice, because everybody tried to help and search."

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They never found the ring, but Edwars said out of kindness, the hotel manager offered them a room to get changed and rest, and even paid for their meal.

Since the incident, she and her fiance have avoided the topic: "I don't want to talk about this situation because it makes everybody more upset."

But, they do intend to get married later this year — after she gets a new ring, Edwars joked.

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