Nurses Dress Up NICU Babies For Their First Ever Halloween

Tiny babies celebrate their first Halloween with handmade costumes.

Talk about starting 'em young.

Nurses at St. Luke’s Hospital and volunteers from mom and baby charity March of Dimes made tiny Halloween costumes for 35 newborns in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Each parent chose their child's costume. Final designs included a Captain America, a butterfly, a baseball player, and of course the ever popular Batman.

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To make the moment even more special, three volunteer photographers took pictures of the infants sleeping peacefully in their adorable ensembles.

“Families in the NICU may spend weeks or months here, and it can be an emotional time,” Marketing and Communications Manager of the March of Dimes, Jennifer Robinson, told

One volunteer photographer, Emmalee Schaumburg, told that she wanted to help the families and to support them during this time.

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“This hit home for me because of a personal experience with my own daughter,” said Schaumburg. “When she was born, she was put in the NICU for five weeks.”

The costumes weren’t the only surprise shared with the families. A Halloween book, a hand crocheted pumpkin with special treats, and a “Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet” card with their baby’s footprints were also given to the families.

“Providing an opportunity for each family to celebrate Halloween with their little ones allows them a sense of normalcy, and to celebrate their baby’s first milestones,” said Robinson.

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