Soldier-To-Be Hides in a Box to Surprise Younger Brother Before He Leaves for Boot Camp

"I knew he'd be excited, but he really blew it out of the water for us all," said their mom, who filmed the entire scene.

A 10-year-old was given the shock of his life when what he thought was a special delivery was really his older brother hiding inside a cardboard box, before he left for the Army.

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Connor Dobbyn, 10, could be seen coming home from school in a video by Caters News.

“He was asking if he could go to a friend’s house, so I was trying to blow it off and think of something last minute,” his mom, Jessica Poth, told

She then accuses her son of ordering a huge package without her permission, which brings him storminginto the home.

As Conner begins opening the enormous package, he jumps back, and notices his older brother, Brad Marek, emerging from the box.

“I knew he’d be excited, but he really blew it out of the water for us all,” Poth said. “I started getting really emotional when they really embraced, and I could hear him – it sounded like he was going to cry. He was a little bit more thrilled than I had anticipated.”

She explained the family all lived in Florida until last June, when she and Connor moved to Cleveland, South Carolina to be with her husband. Brad stayed behind to live with his father.

“It’s been a couple months [since they have seen each other],” she explained. “They are truly very close. He just loves any time he gets to spend with Brad.”

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His recent visit comes just before he left for bootcamp in Fort Benning in Georgia.

Poth explained Brad’s inspiration for joining the Army comes from his great grandfather, who also served in the Army. Brad continues to wear his great grandfather’s dog tag to honor him.

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