As Hurricane Irma Barrels Toward Florida, Here's Your Ultimate Survival Guide

From household hacks to smart phone apps, here are the best ways to stay safe from the storm.

If you are trapped in a hurricane like Irma, there are a few simple things you can do to ensure your survival.

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If you need to keep drinks or food cold, fill up your washing machine with ice and pack in the items that you want to keep chilled and then close the lid.

Don't worry about what to do when the ice melts, as the machine is designed to drain water.

Another tip is to put your valuables and important documents in plastic bags and keep them in the dishwater because it is watertight.

There are also some important apps to download on your phone like Gas Buddy, which helps motorists find gas stations that still have fuel.

Zello is a walkie-talkie app and has been made popular by all civilian volunteers who poured into Houston to help during Hurricane Harvey.

However, with many of these apps, you will need WiFi, which may be difficult in the time of a devastating storm. 

Highways in Florida are jammed with families trying to get out of harm's way but be warned that during Hurricane Rita in 2005, almost 100 people died from heat exhaustion after their cars ran out of gas.

Robert Sinclair of AAA in New York said to have a first aid kit, water, protein bars in your car. 

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As for the essential supplies you should keep in your car, it is important to have a fully charged cell phone, which is a challenge if there's no power.

Consider buying a battery pack that can keep your phone going to reach emergency services and stay in touch with loved ones.

You can also make one by taking the spring of a pen and attaching it to a car charger that connects to a cigarette lighter in your vehicle.

Place the spring in the charger end that connects to the car and a 9-volt battery on the other end. In an instant, you can generate the juice needed to charge the battery.

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