7-Year-Old Florida Boy Dead After Being Hit by Golf Cart Driven by His 3-Year-Old Brother: Authorities

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A 3-year-old Florida boy was driving a golf cart when he accidentally struck his 7-year-old brother, according to reports. The 7-year-old was pronounced dead after being transported to a local hospital, reports say.

A Florida 7-year-old boy was killed after being struck by a golf cart that was being driven by his 3-year-old brother, officials said.

Troopers with the Florida Highway Patrol said on Monday a 3-year-old was driving the golf cart and was approaching a curve around a home when the front of the cart hit a 7-year-old standing in the front yard of the home, CNN reported

Tragically, the 7-year-old boy suffered critical injuries and was pronounced dead after being transported to a local hospital, according to the Miami Herald. The 3-year-old, who was not wearing a seatbelt, was not injured during the crash, according to the outlet.

Authorities told ABC News that the two boys were brothers and that the accident happened on the family's property. Officials did not say if their parents or any adults were supervising them before the 3-year-old got behind the wheel, the outlet reported. 

No charges have been filed but officials say the investigation is ongoing, ABC News reported.

Children's injuries due to golf cart crashes are on the rise in Florida. Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill in May that implements new requirements surrounding driving a golf cart. 

The old law said individuals must be at least 14 years old to drive a golf cart but the new law states that if someone is under the age of 18, then they must have a valid learner's permit or driver's license in order to get behind the wheel. 

The new law is set to take effect on Oct. 1.  

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