74-Year-Old British Strongman Closes in on Setting 100 World Records by Balancing Smoking Chimney on His Head

John Evans is nearing 75 and has just broken his 99th world record by balancing a chimney on his head and already has future plans to continue.

British Strongman John Evans has broken his 99th world record by balancing a smoking chimney on his head, all while in a Santa suit. 

Evans discovered his talent for strength and balance during his time working in construction as a teen. "I was about 17, 18. I used to carry bricks on my head on a board...taking 24 bricks on my head up ladders," he told Reuters.

"When I was about 42...I went and done this charity event and it made huge press that all the papers came and photographed me, and all the television came and done the same and I was just balancing then about 24 bricks on my head,"

The man is now well into his 70's, and despite his medical conditions, he continues to topple records. 

“I'm 74 years old, I've got one eye - this is plastic," he said. "I'm a diabetic, I've got asthma, I've got angina and after all said and done, I've got 98 world records and here is one of them, for example, this is me balancing 95 milk crates on my head for well over 10 seconds in a place called Ireland.” 

His talents have not only landed him world records, but travel around the globe, including places like Paris and Hollywood.

Evans has plans to continue his record breaking feats for his upcoming 75th birthday.

He told Reuters, “I'm having a big five-by-five foot crown made and I'm going to balance that on my head and it'll be my 100th world record.” 

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