Portuguese Stuntman Attempts to Break World Record by Balancing Skateboards Stacked on a Motorcycle

21-year-old Kevin Chaves, who performs with Circus Berlin, plans on traveling all over the world to complete his daring stunts.

Portuguese stunt performer Kevin Chaves is currently in a record-breaking attempt to perform his Rola Bola motorbike act in 50 cities worldwide.

The 21-year-old, who performs with Circus Berlin, does this by balancing on skateboards stacked on a motorbike.

"Well, I performed the skateboard stunt which I balance on a cylinder, which is my act," Chaves said. "It takes a lot of practice, a lot of years, but I decided to do it here in London to try and break the record."

He performed the first of his 50 stunts at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich Park.

Circus Berlin manager David Fitzgerald welcomed the return of live circus shows, which the pandemic halted.

"I am really happy, really excited that we are working and that I get to do this record," he said. "It is a wonderful opportunity for me, you know, to bring joy to people again, and it is really nice to be back."

As part of his record-breaking attempt, Chaves is taking his talents to cities including Paris, Rome, Berlin, Barcelona, Lisbon, and Brussels.

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