9-Year-Old Girl Draws Wanted Poster for Cops Hunting Porch Pirates

A little girl drew this wanted poster of truck in porch pirate thefts.
This wanted poster was drawn by a little girl.
Springville Police Dept./Facebook

A little girl in Utah has helped police searching for porch pirates by drawing a very specific picture of a red truck suspected in the thefts.

A Springville Police Department corporal canvassing a suburban neighborhood found a 9-year-old witness who recalled a pickup truck with a funny looking rack in the back. She was able to recreate it with "a very well drawn picture" of the suspects' vehicle, police said. 

The child's handiwork even captured dents in the side of the truck and a tall, four-poster rack in the back. 

Officers were able to match the felt-tipped wanted poster with a vehicle captured on home surveillance video. 


This is believed to be the suspects' vehicle.
Springville Police Dept./Facebook

"Here at SVPD we leave no stone unturned when it comes to investigating misdeeds in Springville City," the department said on its Facebook page. 

The suspects, a man and a woman, were seen following a mail truck through the neighborhood. Anyone with information about the pair is asked to call the department at 801-489-9421.


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